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Business Directory Listing


Stay with us for the "rest" of your life.

Clean Rooms & Reasonable Rates.  Laundromat located West of the Motel. Hours 7:00 am  - 11:00 pm

Contact: Mohsin Raza and Syeda Zaira Batool
Address: 506 – 1st Ave. W Box 386 Foremost, Alberta T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3611
Phone (Cell): (403) 878-2192
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2165
Coulee Ridge Bed and Breakfast

Phone for bookings. Also offering Guest Ranch House/Loft. Fully Furnished.

Contact: Doreen Metheral
Address: Box 454 Foremost, Alberta T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-2348
Phone (Cell): (403) 317-4979
West Ridge Ranch Retreats

A Real Ranch Experience

Contact: Patricia R Haraga
Address: Box 13 Skiff, AB T0K 2B0
Phone: (403) 867-2367


Crop Protection Services - Crop Input Supplies

Regular Season: M – F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Contact: Darcy Huisman
Address: 503 1st Ave. West
Phone: (403) 867-3776
Agro Plus Sales & Service Ltd.

Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Contact: Warren & Carrie Butterwick
Phone: (403) 867-3200
Phone (Cell): (403) 647-7900
Foremost Seed Cleaning Plant

Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact: Rod Granberg
Address: 101 Cross Street P.O. Box 101 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3993
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-3995

Hours: M - S 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sunday: 11:am - 6:00 pm

Contact: Lorne Buis
Address: 199 1st Ave. W Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-2436
Phone (Cell): (403) 647-7705
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-0002
Southern Grain Exchange

Seed cleaning and Shipping

Hours: 8 am -  5 pm in the winter

Contact: Blayne Dixson
Address: Box 460 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3002
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-3000
Kinniburgh Spray Service

Aerial Application.



Contact: Shaun Kinniburgh
Phone: (403) 223-8245
Phone (Fax): (403) 223-1314


Hirsche Trucking
Contact: Reid Hirsche
Phone (Cell): (403) 647-7318
Rick's Trucking

Grain Hauling Service

Contact: Rick Ylma
Address: Box 207 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone (Cell): (403) 333-8318


Card lock and Bulk Fuel deliveries. Location of Card Lock Fuel: 301 1st Ave. Foremost.

Visa/MasterCard are accepted.  If you are interested in applying for a Card lock fuel card contact 403-233-8844 for information.

Card lock open 24/7

Contact: Jon Ohler
Address: 301 - 1st Ave W. Foremost, AB T0K 0X0 Head Office: 6323 - 64th Street Taber, AB T1G 2H2
Phone: (877) 880-8844
Phone (Fax): (403) 223-9109
Foremost Tire and Service

For all your automotive and tire needs


Contact: Dave and Sherry Walker
Address: 302 - 1st Ave W Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3990
Prairie Wind Mechanical

Shop or Full Mobile Service on Heavy Truck, Farm Equipment, Air Conditioning.

Certified CVIP Safety Inspection Station

Contact: Christopher Ehnes
Address: R.R. # 1 Etzikon, AB T0K 0W0
Phone: (403) 666-2206
Phone (Cell): (403) 635-9222
Phone (Fax): (403) 666-2014


Hours: M - F - 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Address: 201 - Main Street Box 295 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-2072
Phone (Cell): (800) 332-8383
Contact: Judi Solberg
Address: 204 - 5th Ave. W Bow Island, AB T0K 0G0
Phone: (403) 545-5130

M - T: 9:30 am- 4:00 pm

F: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Contact: Dorothy Scott, Manager
Address: 120 Main Street Box 429 Foremost,AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-5106

Call for the days and times we are in Foremost.                                             

Address: Foremost: 119 Main Street Lethbridge: 3425 - 2nd Ave. S Lethbridge, AB T1J 4V1
Phone: (403) 329-1552
Phone (Cell): (800) 661-8097

Burns Valkenburg and Associates is pleased to announce that MELANIE HARTY, CA will be coming to Foremost.  Melanie is a tax specialist assisting with estate and succession planning & corporate structures relating to tax planning.

Melanie will be in Foremost the 1st and 3rd Thursday mornings of the month. (8:30 am - noon)

Contact: Malanie Harty
Address: 119 Main Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 527-8114

Beauty/Hair Stylists

Curl Up N Dye Hair Salon
Contact: Nancy Haraga
Address: 103 3rd Ave W. Foremost, AB T0 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-2942
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2943
Gleddie Image

For the past 25 years Karan Gleddie has been sharing her insight and experience in every day living to woman in all walks of life.  You will enjoy her honesty and her humor as she shares her heart.

She is an Image Consultant and Wardrobe Coach with an edge. You and your employees deserve the timely and interesting presentations that Karan has to offer.

Contact: Karan Gleddie
Phone: (403) 480-4387
Phone (Cell): (403) 647-4249
The Hair Bender

Hours:  Tues - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact: Sandy Karl
Address: 102 North Ave. Box 194 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3938
Sassy Creations

Hours: M - F  9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Contact: Samantha Bodin
Address: 205 - 2nd Ave E Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3333
Side Street Salon

Hours:  W - F 

Contact: Deb Cowie
Address: 104 - 2nd Ave. W Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3717
Head 2 Heals Salon

Services include: Pedicures, Manicures, Gel Polish, Paraffin Wax Treatments, Waxing/tinting and MORE!

Contact: Gina Ott
Address: In the Foremost Medical Clinic
Phone: (403) 867-3160
Phone (Cell): (403) 647-7535

Building Supplies

Foremost Farm and Hardware

Hours:  M - F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm; S  8:00 am - 12: 00 pm

A large selection of Hardware and Giftware. 

Contact: Rory Calhoun
Address: 115 Main Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3616
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2104
Foremost Building Supplies

Call Foremost Building Supplies for your Building Supply Needs

Contact: Bev Baker
Phone: (403) 867-3986

Car Wash

Car Wash
Contact: Wally Florchinger
Address: 305 Main Street Located next to Wally's Welding
Phone: (403) 867-3773
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-3006


RMC Services

``The Computer Guy``

Contact: Richard Unser
Phone: (403) 867-3801
Phone (Cell): (403) 647-7255

Web design, hosting, and online marketing in Medicine Hat.  If you like, we designed and built this site!  Check out our website!

Contact: Dave Cruickshank
Phone: (403) 487-5004

Prompt, friendly computer tech support via secure remote connection (Anywhere on the planet)!  dcDigital productions also offers business audio services such as PBX message recording, music on-hold, in-store announcements, and radio commercials.

Contact: Dave Cruickshank
Phone: (403) 487-5004


Foremost Electric
Contact: Gary Sinclair
Phone: (403) 867-3539
Sani-Way Septic
Contact: Harold Halverson
Phone: (403) 867-2276
Schmidt Drywall
Contact: James L. Schmidt
Phone: (403) 867-3984
SSK Construction
Contact: Shane Klemenz
Address: Foremost AB
Phone (Cell): (403) 634-5771


Lafarelle Holdings

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Contact: James Eng
Address: 209 - 1st Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3019

Call us for a free brochure and meeting information.

Address: 206 - 4th Street W Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3668
Foremost and District Historical Society



Address: Box 489 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-2986
Canada Post

Hours: M - F: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact: Marlene Kultgen
Address: 111 Main Street
Phone: (403) 867-3600



Contact: Bruce Hillis - Foreman
Address: 717 Main Street Box 53 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-2866
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2886

The County of Forty Mile No. 8 is a municipal district in south eastern Alberta, Canada. It is located in Census Division 1, east of Medicine Hat. The municipal seat is in Foremost

Phone: (403) 867-3530
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2242


AC Essential Massage Therapy

visit us on Facebook

Contact: Amanda Conquergood, RMT
Address: Main Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 878-7643
Natural Points Reflexology
Contact: Heather Sinclair
Phone: (403) 867-3539
Foremost Chiropractic

Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday  9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Contact: Dr. Ron Thomson
Address: Foremost Medical Clinic
Phone: (403) 752-0203
Foremost Medical Clinic
Address: 212 Main Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3866


MacKenzie Ranching Co. Ltd.

For Sale:  Bison Meat; Mounted Heads; Robes; Skulls                


Contact: Richard MacKenzie
Address: Box 415 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-2094
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2440

Grocery Stores

Thompson's Foods

Friendly & Helpful Staff                                                                                                Fresh Produce~Great Bakery~Special Requests~Wide Selection~The "Best" Meat~Weekly Selection

Hours: M - S 8:00 am - 6:00 pm  Sundays and Holidays  12:00 - 6:00 pm

Contact: Ken Thompson
Address: 610 1st Ave. W Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3586
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2099


Foremost Farm and Hardware
Contact: Rory Calhoun
Address: 115 Main Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3616
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2104


Foremost Agencies

For questions please call or contact:

Toll Free Number: 1-888-628-355

Brock Ott - Owner/Broker    Cell Phone: 403-647-7333                                          EmaI:

Ashli Ott - Broker/Owner     Cell Phone: 403-807-2662                                              Email:


Contact: Felix Ott - Owner/Broker
Address: Box 455 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3525
Phone (Cell): (403) 502-0459
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-3544

Service Training

Contact: Tami-Rae Craig
Address: 119 Main Street Box 272 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3077
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2700
Contact: Corinna Roth-Beacome
Address: 119 Main Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0 Box 100 Bow Island, AB T0K 0G0
Phone: (403) 867-2766
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2700

Your Comprehensive First Aid Training And Supply Company

SafetyNett Training Services is based in Southern Alberta, and provides both training and supplies services throughout the region. Our instructor team consists of highly qualified instructors with more than 20 years experience in the field of emergency medicine. We bring a wealth of field experience to the classroom.

This business was formed on the premise that both urban and rural areas have a need in their local communities for education in the area of first aid and cpr training. In order to make this as accessible as possible, courses are offered at either the client’s location or at a location provided by SafetyNett.
SafetyNett Training Services has partnered with the Canadian Red Cross, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, and Philips to bring you the highest quality products. Whether it be a first aid course, the purchase of an automated external defibrillator or a first aid kit, you can be assured that you are receiving a quality product at a competitive price.
We are proud to provide the highest quality products and services, and we always strive to live by our business motto:

Helping You Help Others

Contact: Annette Diemert
Address: Box 28 Foremost, Alberta T0K 0X0
Phone: (888) 990-9284
Phone (Cell): (403) 308-9284
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2622

The Village Office houses the Administrative Offices and Public Works Shop.

Address: 301 Main Street Box 159 Foremost, Alberta T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3733
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2031
Address: 119 Main Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3077
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2700


First 'N Foremost

Distributed monthly to 650 households and beyond.

Contact: Jeanne Hillis
Phone: (403) 647-7242
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2700

We are a digital print shop. Advertising & Promotion. Publishing "In our Community"

Contact: Terry and Carol Maxwell
Address: 418 3rd Ave. E Bow Island, AB T0K 0G0
Phone: (403) 545-2449
Phone (Fax): (403) 545-6042


Winter Hours:

Tuesday & Wednesday - 10:30 am - 5:30 pm

Thursday - 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

Friday - 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Closed - Saturday, Sunday & Monday


Summer Hours ( July & August)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday &  Friday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Thursday: 10:00 - 7:00 pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday.

Contact: Joan Beutler
Phone: (403) 867-3855
Address: 2375 10th Ave SW Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8G2


Etzikom Museum and Historical Windmill Center

Etzikom Museum and Historical Windmill Center (24 km (15 miles), East of Foremost)


Contact: June Mitzel
Phone: (403) 666-3737

15 minutes north of Foremost.  Offering full camping and water recreation

Address: Box 25 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-2181
Foremost Golf Association

Hours:  8:00 am - dark

Contact: Tim Karl
Address: Box 382 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3938


Foremost Pub and Grill


SUNDAY 11:30 AM -7:30 PM

We would like to welcome our new Chef Syed Abbas who's formal training specializes in Italian , and can make a pretty mean Curry

Families welcome! Kid Friendly!


Contact: Moshin Rhaza
Address: 502 1 St Ave W
Phone: (403) 867-0003
Phone (Cell): (403) 878-2192
Yummy House Restaurant
Contact: Kevin & Hana
Address: 114 Main Street
Phone: (403) 867-4408

Full Menu available

Contact: Judy Fulton
Address: #1 Saskatoon St. Box 64 Manyberries, AB T0K 1L0
Phone: (403) 488-4206
Main Street Cafe

Look for them on Facebook.

Burgers pizza, lattes's, cappuccinos, smoothies and more!

Contact: Joanne Shmidt
Address: 112 Main Street Foremost AB
Phone: (403) 867-3165


Wally's Welding 2001 Ltd.

Hours: M - F  8:00 am - 6:00 pm  On call 24/7

Car Wash On Site

Lift Rentals, Fork Lifts for sale

CNC Plasma Cutting.

Contact: Wally Florchinger
Address: 305 Main Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3733
Phone (Cell): (403) 647-7373
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-3006

Lawyers & Legal Offices

MacLachlan, McNab, Hembroff - Legal Services

Hours: Thursdays - 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Contact: Bradley K Hembroff
Address: 119 Main Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-3646
Phone (Cell): (403) 867-2700


Forty Mile Rail Inc.
Contact: Len Mitzel
Phone: (403) 867-3185

Gift Shops

The product line includes Candles and Accessories to decorate your home, as well as many "Flameless Fragrance" options.

*Our Fundraising Program returns 35% of the profit to your organization or group.

* Join Partylite Preferred from the website and earn product rewards and more when you shop on line or host  a show. Membership is free!

Contact: Lana Halverson
Address: Box 119 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-2599
Phone (Fax): (403) 867-2599

Liquor Sales





Look for us on Facebook.

Winter Hours:

Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday, Saturday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sunday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Contact: Amy & Brett Hirsche; Clark & Doreen Metheral
Address: 106 Main Street Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Phone: (403) 867-2223